Perseverance: How It All Began

Loving him was my secret. My alone. Trystan was simultaneously the source of my greatest love and the source of my greatest heartache. I couldn’t let him know, but I also couldn’t let him go. I tried to put Trystan in my past. To some degree I was able to achieve just that. He lived so far away and only came back to visit on occasion. But every time he returned, it was reigniting a smoldering inferno within me.

Then I met Blake. Arguably the most eligible man in Hollywood. Wait, did I say Hollywood? I meant the world. He is the epitome of what every female dreams about. Falling in love with Blake was seamless. Trystan was rarely around and after spending years feeling like I was suffocating, being with Blake was like breathing my first breath of fresh air. It was a much needed reprieve for a wounded and tattered heart like mine. 

Then an ordinary trip leads to extraordinary events and a love I thought was beyond my reach is suddenly right within my grasp. Past love collides with future love and there is nothing I can do to escape either.