Perseverance: Rise Of The Trials

How do you overcome a past full of heartache?  

Trystan has had a front row seat to witnessing all of the unexplainable things that have happened to me, while Blake remains in the dark. I don’t know how to tell Blake, but how long can I keep it from him?

The three of us go to visit my family. I have to find a way to tell them what has happened to me, but things take a turn and my original reason for going to see everyone changes into a struggle to keep my past with Trystan from becoming exposed. It doesn’t take long for them to pick up on the tension that continually laces the air between Trystan and Blake. It also doesn’t take long for Trystan to start pushing me for deeper access to the parts of my heart that have sustained the most damage over the years.

A day trip to see Trystan’s family becomes an overnight stay and Trystan proposes and an idea that I find both tempting and terrifying at the same time. Can I really resist him? Secrets become exposed and a major misunderstanding results in major consequences to everyone … 

I thought I knew pain before. I had no idea what hell I was about to be subject to.